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Balloon Parrot Hat


by Barak Dagan

In this video you will learn to create an amazing balloon parrot that your clients will adore!


In this tutorial you will learn to create an incredible balloon parrot!

You will learn to create two beautiful variations of the parrot:

  • A balloon parrot on a swing

  • A balloon parrot hat

For creating this balloon parrot you will need:

  • 160 Yellow

  • 160 Orange

  • 260 White

  • 260 Mocha Brown

  • 2 x 260 Orange

  • 2 x 260 Yellow

  • 3 x 260 Purple Violet

  • 350/360 Lime Green

Note: This is one chapter from “Wowables 2” course. We recommend you to check the full course:

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22 minutes




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