Wowables – Vol.1: Bracelet Extravaganza!


By Barak Dagan

In this instructional balloon twisting video course, Balloon Artist Barak Dagan will guide you through the creation of show stopper balloon bracelets, advanced twisting techniques and much more! The balloons shown in this course are the balloons you want to know when you work on line work. Your costumers will just LOVE these balloon designs!

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Learn how to create show stopper balloon animals without paying hundreds of dollars

  • Can you whip out a balloon sword or poodle with your eyes closed, but you think it is boring?

  • Are you a clown or a beginner balloon twister that wants to improve your balloon skills?

  • Have you always wanted to know how to create really amazing balloons?

  • Are you an advanced balloon twister that would love to learn some more techniques and ideas?

  • Have you always wanted to learn how to create balloon animals that will amaze your clients, and make them pay you even more?

“Wowables” balloon twisting course is just what you need!

Become a Balloon Pro while enjoying this course!
In this instructional balloon twisting video course, Balloon Artist Barak Dagan will guide you through the creation of show stopper balloon bracelets, advanced twisting techniques and much more. The balloons taught in this course are the balloons you want to know when you work on line work (some of them need a little prep).

The course includes 130 minutes of detailed explanations, close-up footage and lots of fun!

Wowables 1 by Barak Dagan balloon twisting course

Balloon animals included in this video:

  • Happy Smiley Bracelet

  • The Lady fish

  • Duck

  • Turtle

  • Penguin

  • Frog

  • Orange Dog

  • Purple Bird

  • Chicken

  • Swan

  • Mister Balloon Bracelet

  • Bonus – Swan of Hearts

For creating his balloons, Barak uses these balloons: 260’s, 160’s, 350’s, Hearts and 5’’ rounds

Recommended: Check the special price for Wowables bundle (Vol1 + Vol2 + Vol3)
Buy 3 courses and pay for 2 only!

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More than 500 balloon artists and clowns from 30 different countries can’t be wrong!

People from these countries have already bought this course: United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Luxembourg, Brazil,
Abu-Dhabi and New Zealand!

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Advantages are clear

  • This course includes 130 minutes of detailed / easy to understand explanations with close-up footage and lots of fun!

  • You will learn to create 13 amazing balloon animals bracelets

  • No more balloon dogs and swords! Amaze your clients with Wowable balloons!

  • Potentially, this course will help you to make more money with balloons

  • You can watch this great training whenever you want, as much as you want

  • A great way to learn advanced balloon creations and new balloon twisting techniques

Here are some testimonials from just a few of hundreds of balloon twisters and clowns that already enjoy this course

I really love Barak Dagan’s “Wowables”! The balloon figures on it are amazing !!!

Marc Beyer, Germany

This is a fun course for a few reasons. One, Barak is just plain FUNNY! I like his voice and the instructions are very clear. Two, the designs are wonderful and with some practice are able to be made quickly. My favorite is the Smile face…which I’ve converted to also be used with the Spiderman & Alien faces! The Smile face guy is also great if you just change colors for use with many other 5″ prints such as the Happy Jack and Dracula for Halloween!

Suzanne Lively, USA

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the Wowables DVD. Mostly I wanted to support the artists who make DVDs because I appreciate their generosity in sharing their creativity with the balloon community. I have to say, however, that I easily made back the cost of the DVD within an hour by making the orange dog with purple ears at the farmers market where I work for tips. I love to see the smiles on kids’ faces when I hand them their puppy. Yesterday I was working alongside another balloon artist who was making fancy dogs and two school age girls came up and asked for dogs. The other guy finished first and the girls were thrilled with the result. I worried a little as I continued making the dog from the Wowables and they discussed how mine didn’t look the same as the finished dog. When I handed “my” girl her dog, however, she squealed with delight and said it was the cutest dog ever. Is this great work, or what?

Marsha Gallagher, USA

If you haven’t bought one yet ,do. If you don’t have his first one yet, where have you been? Very nice and cute designs that I like.

Wowables #2 has the lamb, heart hat, parrot, rabbit and elephants that are my favorites, and it’s easy to follow

Wowables #1 has 11 designs and I like his penguin, duck, dog, chicken and swan.

Both wowables 1&2 have designs you will use and like.

Donna Wachter Wiles, USA

Dear Barak,

Your DVD was received on the beginning of July, I can’t put it off since, I have done all balloons possible, including the outtakes 😊

The way you present your art to others is overwhelming and very easy for others to learn, even for a novice like me.

You can be sure I will be waiting for your next DVD, let me know once out.

Paul Galland, Israel

I love the “WoWables” DVD because Barak Dagan carefully explains each character step-by-step, the quality of the pictures are extremely good and I can more advanced and lovable balloon characters apart from making simple animals, being new to balloon modeling and learning from an expert is a real bonus here in UK.

Easy Esiri, United Kingdom

Hi Barak, I love this DVD. With your sense of humor and the easy steps it’s great fun to watch this DVD again and again. Keep up the good work!

Jolanda Marcella, Netherlands

Hello Barak, I just watched Wowables 1, love it and made the Frog. Will be learning the other designs over the next bit. Easy to do. There are a couple of things I saw right away that will make some of my other designs better! Thanks for making this DVD. It was also entertaining to watch. Well done!

Hal Grant, USA

Video testimonial by Balloon Artist David Brenion from Nifty Balloons

And, when you buy this course you will also get the following bonus:

A list of all the balloons you need for every design taught in this course!

With the files you will download you will receive a PDF file containing a list of the balloons you will need for every design you’ll learn on this course. This list will help you prepare everything you need just before you start twisting.

Be a pro, learn from the best

Barak Dagan Twist & Shout class 800

Barak Dagan is a known balloon artist in the international balloon twisters community. He has already taught hundreds of twisters face to face (Twist&Shout) and through videos. Don’t hesitate, buy this video course and learn from the best!

Want to know more about Barak? Click here and learn about Barak

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  • Approximate Running Time: 130 minutes

  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

  • Language: English

  • File size: 2GB

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