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Glossy, Glitter and Glamour Bundle – Balloon Designs that Glow

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By Guido Verhoef

Learn to make glossy, glitter and glamour balloon designs with this comprehensive course!

This course bundle has 3 parts:

♥ Vol.1 – Make up table display

♥ Vol.2 – Champagne tower display

♥ Vol.3 – XL Luxury brands

By buying this bundle you will learn to create amazing balloon designs with 8 hours(!) of great learning!

You will not only enjoy the best balloon video course, but also the best price!

This bundle includes the following video courses
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Balloon Decoration Course
Balloon Decor Video Class

This bundle contains these 3 parts:

In Volume 1 you will learn to create beautiful balloon decor designs, containing the following items:

♥ Makeup table

♥ Mirror and curtain

♥ Powder box

♥ Brushes

♥ Lipstick

♥ And nail polish

Along with learning these designs, you will also learn how to create a metal stand for the balloon sculpture, how to make a flat end on a 660 balloon, how to keep the balloon shiny, how to double stuff a 260 balloon into a round balloon and much more!

Balloon Sculpture Make up

In Volume 2 you will learn to create a beautiful balloon decor champagne bottle And glass display design, and a special balloon wall design.

You will also learn:
♥ How weave balloon (balloon weaving) while using both Link-O-Loon balloons and modelling balloons
♥ How to use a metal base to place the champagne bottle diagonally
♥ How to use balloon double stuffing and tulip twist techniques to create a beautiful balloon glass
♥ And much more!

Champagne Bottle And Glass Display made from balloons

In Volume 3 you will learn to create large luxury brands balloon design, containing the following items:
♥ Large scale designer purse
♥ Perfume bottle
♥ And a large scale high heel shoe

You will also be exposed to Guido’s special techniques: How to create a metal structure to a balloon sculpture, how to use Link-O-Loon balloons to create a huge purse, how make a ring made of round balloons and how to stack more balloon rings into a perfume bottle shape, and much more!

high heel shoe balloon

And, you will get these 3 parts in a very special bundle price!

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  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

  • Language: English

  • Estimated Video Length: 8 hours

  • File size: 3.6GB

  • Click here to read more about Guido Verhoef

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