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Wowables – Vol.3: Wing Power!


By Barak Dagan

In this video course Barak will guide you through the preparation process of amazing balloon wings with a step by step video tutorial using advanced twisting techniques and much more.

The results are amazing! Humans have long wished to fly like birds, and these new designs will have your clients feeling special and thankful.


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Learn how to create show stopper balloon wings without paying hundreds of dollars

  • You love balloon twisting and you understand the power of wearable balloons

  • You want to improve your balloon skills

  • Have you always wanted to know how to create really amazing balloons?

  • You understand that humans have long wished to fly like birds, and your balloons can be part of their dream!

  • You understand that you can amaze your clients with balloon wings, and make them pay you even more

“Wowables” Vol.3 – Wing Power! is just what you need!

In this video course balloon artist Barak Dagan will guide you through the preparation process of balloon wings with a step by step video tutorial using advanced twisting techniques and much more.

The results are amazing! Humans have long wished to fly like birds, and these new wings designs will have your clients feeling special and thankful.

Wowables 3 Poster list of wings

Lessons included in this video course:

  • Introduction

  • Basic wing weave

  • Pinkish wings

  • Stabilizing with “balloon pipes”

  • Robotic wings

  • Great angel wings

  • Adding feathers

  • Connecting and wearing the wings

  • Bloopers

  • Bonus: More Variations and tips

Among other topics in this course, Barak will teach the following:

  • What is the most important thing you need to know in order to make beautiful wings?

  • How can you hang the wings on a balloon wall (in order to let your costumers to take a photo with the wings)

  • Great tips about creating large wings without wasting precious time

  • How to maintain the wings after a day or two

  • And more and more!

For the wings created in this course, Barak uses the following balloons: 160, 260, 350/360 and 5” round balloons

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Wowables video tutorials are best sellers!

Hundreds of balloon artists and clowns from 30 different countries can’t be wrong!

People from these countries have already bought Wowables:  United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Luxembourg, Brazil,
Abu-Dhabi and New Zealand!

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Advantages are clear

  • The course includes 90 minutes of detailed / easy to understand explanations with close-up footage and lots of fun!

  • You will learn to create amazing wings that will wow everyone around you!

  • Humans have long wished to fly like birds, and these new designs will have your clients feeling special and thankful

  • Potentially, this course will help you to make more money with balloons

  • You can watch this great training whenever you want, as much as you want

  • A great way to learn advanced balloon creations and new balloon twisting techniques

Here are some testimonials from just few of hundreds of balloon twisters and clowns that already enjoy the DVDs

I thought others might appreciate seeing what a couple of advanced beginners could do with really good instructions. We just made these wings based on tutorials by Barak Dagan. It’s so easy to get fantastic results without a huge struggle. I’ve had the tutorials for a while but never took the time to give it a go (and, I was intimidated). But we decided to give these a go today. I shouldn’t have been intimidated, This fellow is a great teacher with lovely energy.

Darla Hussey, USA

This course is just amazing!
Great footage and professional explanations, everything well explained and easy to follow. The wings are surprisingly simple to make, and I believe that any balloon designer who’s even not a twister could create them.
The wings are fast to make after you get the basic weaving idea and they give you tons of opportunities for creativity (it is easy to change the wings and make them by a certain theme or idea!
The wings are VERY impressive. For a long time my family wasn’t much enthusiastic about the balloons I was making, but everyone wanted to get a photo with the wings.
I can not think of anything more impressive than wings for events.  Those who will make these wings in the near future will be well distinguished from their colleagues!

Daniel Zarum, Israel

Watch a funny video: What do people in the street think about balloon wings?

Be a pro, learn from the best

Barak Dagan is a known balloon artist in the international balloon twisters community. He has already taught hundreds of twisters face to face (Twist&Shout) and through videos. Don’t hesitate, buy this video course and learn from the best!

Balloon wings class on Twist & Shout balloon convention

Barak’s wings class on Twist & Shout

Want to know more about Barak? Click here and know Barak Dagan better

More info

  • Approximate Running Time: 90 minutes

  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

  • Language: English

  • File size: 1.5GB

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Approximate Running Time

90 minutes

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