Wowables – Vol.2: Party Poppers!


By Barak Dagan

In this instructional balloon twisting video course, Balloon Artist Barak Dagan will guide you through the creation of show stopper balloon bracelets, advanced twisting techniques and much more! The balloons shown in this course are the balloons you want to know when you work on line work. Your costumers will just LOVE these balloon designs!

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Learn how to create show stopper balloon animals without paying hundreds of dollars

  • Can you whip out a balloon sword or poodle with your eyes closed, but you think it is boring?

  • Are you a clown or a beginner balloon twister that wants to improve your balloon skills?

  • Have you always wanted to know how to create really amazing balloons?

  • Are you an advanced balloon twister that would love to learn some more techniques and ideas?

  • Have you always wanted to learn how to create balloon animals that will amaze your clients, and make them pay you even more?

“Wowables” balloon twisting course is just what you need!

Become a Balloon Pro while enjoying this course!
In this instructional balloon twisting video course, Balloon Artist Barak Dagan will guide you through the creation of show stopper balloon bracelets, advanced twisting techniques and much more. The balloons taught in this course are the balloons you want to know when you work on line work (some of them need a little prep).

The course includes 145 minutes of detailed explanations, close-up footage and lots of fun!

Wowables 2 list of balloons

Balloon animals included in this video:

  • Heart Hat

  • Quick Smiley Hat

  • Puffy Bird Bracelet

  • Sheep Bracelet

  • Elephant Bracelet

  • Puppy Bracelet

  • Panda Bear Bracelet

  • Dino Bracelet

  • Parrot Hat

  • Human Hat

  • The Rabbit Hat

  • Outtakes

For creating his balloons, Barak uses these balloons: 260’s, 160’s, 350’s or 360’s, 321’s, 6” Hearts and 5’’ rounds

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Buy 3 courses and pay for 2 only!

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More than 500 balloon artists and clowns from 30 different countries can’t be wrong!

People from these countries have already bought this course: United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Israel, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Luxembourg, Brazil,
Abu-Dhabi and New Zealand!

Wowables1 map

Advantages are clear

  • This course includes 145 minutes of detailed / easy to understand explanations with close-up footage and lots of fun!

  • You will learn to create 11 amazing balloon animals hats and bracelets that will wow everyone around you!

  • No more balloon dogs and swords! Amaze your clients with Wowable balloons!

  • Potentially, this course will help you to make more money with balloons

  • You can watch this great training whenever you want, as much as you want

  • A great way to learn advanced balloon creations and new balloon twisting techniques

Here are some testimonials from just a few of hundreds of balloon twisters and clowns that already enjoy this course

They are really enjoyable to watch, you take your time to explain how to make them. It’s really a tutorial and not a performance of your skills. I appreciate that the sculpture in DVD2 look more complex than in DVD1, it gives me lots of challenge to be able to make them properly.

I feel really lucky that you share your knowledge in such a nice way.

It definitely motivates me to become a professional twister. It just bring happiness and proud to everybody so thanks for that.

Joffrey Detender, Ireland

I love both these DVDs. Instructions are easy to follow. The wowables has many designs that will get you WOWS. What I also like about these Dvds is that there are things you will learn that can be used in some designs you may already do. must have DVDs!

Hal Grant, USA

If you haven’t bought one yet ,do. If you don’t have his first one yet, where have you been? Very nice and cute designs that I like.

Wowables #2 has the lamb, heart hat, parrot, rabbit and elephants that are my favorites, and it’s easy to follow

Wowables #1 has 11 designs and I like his penguin, duck, dog, chicken and swan.

Both wowables 1&2 have designs you will use and like.

Donna Wachter Wiles, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The quality is exceptional, your presentation is excellent, and your balloon figures truly are wowable! Thank you for sharing your balloon creations with others. I look forward to learning your balloon sculptures and using them at future events and venues.

Paul Reich, Canada

Hi, Barak,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how wonderful your WOWABLES are.

It’s taken me awhile, but I finally got around to start producing them, and I just had my first paid “deliverable” gig last weekend – fourteen Sheep bracelets! The client (and the parents of the children who got them) were all absolutely delighted.

They are completely delightful, beautifully designed, and a pleasure to make.

Josh Mandel, USA

Thanks Mr Barak for the wonderful DVDs! I’m finally practicing some of them..
My favorites so far ♥ ♥ ♥

Brenda Uscanga Hernandez, Mexico

These figures look great, yet are so simple to make (once you’ve seen the DVD; very good explanation and demonstration, thank you Barak!), great added value for a twisting gig. Especially love the rabbit!

Carine Daemen, Belgium

I just finished watching both of Barak’s balloon DVD’s . They are wonderful! The figures are exceptionally cute and he does a great job of explaining and demonstrating each twist required. Thank you Barak! I will be anxiously awaiting your next DVD!

Vivian McArthur, USA

Video testimonial by Balloon Artist David Brenion from Nifty Balloons

And, when you buy this course you will also get the following bonus:

A list of all the balloons you need for every design taught in this course!

With the files you will download you will receive a PDF file containing a list of the balloons you will need for every design you’ll learn on this course. This list will help you prepare everything you need just before you start twisting.

Be a pro, learn from the best

Barak Dagan Twist & Shout class 800

Barak Dagan is a known balloon artist in the international balloon twisters community. He has already taught hundreds of twisters face to face (Twist&Shout) and through videos. Don’t hesitate, buy this video course and learn from the best!

Want to know more about Barak? Click here and learn about Barak

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  • Approximate Running Time: 145 minutes

  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

  • Language: English

  • File size: 2GB

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