Link-o-Loon Balloon Courses Bundle (Vol.1-Vol.10)


By Guido Verhoef

Guido Verhoef’s course bundle (previously called DVD) is the most comprehensive video course worldwide about balloon decoration with link-o-loon balloons!

Buy all of the 10 video courses of Guido Verhoef about Link-O-Loon balloon designs with 20 hours(!) of great learning , and enjoy not only the best Link-O-Loon balloons video courses ever, but also the best price!

This Link-o-Loon balloons course bundle of Guido Verhoef is a unique offer for our site only!

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Become a professional balloon decorator with this amazing course bundle!
Learning from these courses with balloon artist Guido Verhoef will guide you through the creation of amazing balloon decoration elements, such as balloon columns, balloon arches, balloon walls, balloon chandeliers, large sized balloon projects, balloon garland, balloon canopies, large scale animals, balloon balls, balloon cubes, balloon stars and more and more and more and more!

Link-O-Loon balloons Decor Course

This bundle includes 20 hours of detailed explanations with the world’s No.1 Link-O-Loon balloons expert!

best seller

Thousands of copies of these courses were sold worldwide!

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Here is the list of courses in this bundle:

Volume 1: Link-O-Loon Basics

In this volume you will learn to create: Basic Column, Arch, Mini Garland, Cube, Ball, Column Rings, Basic Canopy, Palm Tree, Mirror Ball, Valentine Column, Cactus, Flower Basket, Giraffe, Flamingo and Cross Weave Column

(Click here for more info about Vol.1)

Volume 2: Columns and more basics

In this volume you will learn to create: Ceiling Corral, Flower Column, Spiral Arch, Wedding Column, Fountain, Hollywood Statue, Rock and Roll Column, Star Column, Dolphin Column, Communion Candle and Spiral Canopy

(Click here for more info about Vol.2)

Volume 3: Wall and Weaving Techniques

In this volume you will learn to create: Straight Wall, Flat Wall, Cross Weave Wall, Flat Heart, Heart Wall, Flag, Music Box, Rabbit in a Hat, Ballet Dancer and Small Lighted Vase

(Click here for more info about Vol.3)

Volume 4: 3D Objects and Shapes

In this volume you will learn to create: Cube Column, Spike Ball, Soccer Ball, Square Arch, Cross, Wheel, Large Flower, Chandelier, 3D Heart and Christmas Tree

(Click here for more info about Vol.4)

Volume 5: Animals and Faces

In this volume you will learn to create: Colored dog, Puppy Dog, Lady Dog, Teddy Bear, Panda Bear, Teddy Bear present, Bulls Head, Devils Mask, Face techniques 1 – Man, Face techniques 2 – Old Man, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Seagull, Stork and Love Swans

(Click here for more info about Vol.5)

Volume 6: Creative Theme Designs

In this volume you will learn to create: Retro Arch, Retro Column, Polkadot ball, Apple tree, Fast Butterfly, USA Star, Heart frame, Teardrop Chandelier, Carrousel, Vase with Handles and Martini glass

(Click here for more info about Vol.6)

Volume 7: Cartoony Characters

In this volume you will learn to create: Lady Bug, Red Crab, Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Green Pig, Square Cartoon Character, Blue Ant, Standing Flower, Clown Fish and Cute Kitty

(Click here for more info about Vol.7)

Volume 8: Free Sculpture Designing

In this volume you will learn: Introduction, Bridge (Double wall technique), Victorian Street Lamp (How to Add Details to you Design), Large Sculpture Free Design Dragon, Large Sculptures Calculations and a Bonus – The Loch Ness Monster Project

(Click here for more info about Vol.8)

Volume 9: Castles & Palaces – New wall techniques

In this volume you will learn to create: Princess Castle – Brick Wall, Princess Castle – Tower, Princess Castle – Wall Candle, 1001 Nights Palace Walls, 1001 Nights Palace Tower Top, 1001 Nights Spiral Tower Column, Cross Weave Arch and Standing Chandelier

(Click here for more info about Vol.9)

Volume 10: Great Theme Décor & Chandeliers

In this volume you will learn to create: Large Golden Flower, Peacock Column, Peacock, Chinese Fan, Chinese Fan Ver2, Chinese Lantern, Baby Carriage, Baby Shower Chandelier, Halloween chandelier, Birthday theme chandelier, Frozen Chandelier, Snowflake chandelier, Just Married Chandelier and Butterfly Summer Chandelier

(Click here for more info about Vol.10)

And, when you buy this course bundle you will also get the following bonus:

A full list of all the balloons, their amount & size for every design taught in every course!

This list is extremely useful, and will help you to achieve amazing results from your learning process

Learn from the world’s No.1 Link-o-Loon teacher!

Guido VerhoefGuido Verhoef Balloon Creations

Guido Verhoef is a world renowned teacher for Link-O-Loon balloon designs! He taught thousands of students around the world how to create amazing balloon decorations using Link-O-Loon balloons. Guido is also the director of art of 3 Guinness World Records for 3 huge balloon projects that were build using hundred of thousands of balloons.

Want to know more about Guido? Click here and read more about Guido

More info

  • Approximate Running Time: 20 hours

  • Skill level: All levels

  • Language: English

  • Total files size: 10.5GB (10 ZIP files)

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