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How to tie a modelling balloon


By Barak Dagan

Learn how to tie a modelling balloon in a fast and easy way!

Press the play button to watch the video. Scroll down to read a textual explanation.

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Before tying a modelling balloon

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to inflate the balloon.

Here’s an important tip about inflating a modelling balloon: don’t try to inflate those balloons with your mouth. Use a pump.

I would say that it is almost impossible to blow these long balloons using your mouth (and, even if you’re able of doing that, it can be dangerous).

How to tie a modelling balloon

For tying up the balloon, let’s pinch the nozzle of the inflated balloon between our 2 first fingers and thumb, so that the air won’t escape out of the balloon. We will hold the balloon so that the nozzle will point upwards, and the balloon will point downwards, so that a shape of an upside down “V” will be created between our hand and the balloon.

Now, reach your other hand inside the upside down “V”, and grab the nozzle of the balloon

Take the nozzle and pull it away from your body then loop it back toward you, underneath the upside down “V”, and slip the nozzle of the balloon in between your 2 fingers, right next to your fingernails.

Now, with your free hand grab the bridge of the stretched balloon like this, pull it under the tips of your fingers and let go

Congratulations! You’ve just tied your first modelling balloon 🙂

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