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Balloon Twisting Basics


By Barak Dagan

Learn the most important basics of balloon modelling! Have you ever tried to twist a balloon and it came undone? Watch this video and learn to twist balloon correctly.

This is a free video. You can watch it directly from this page

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Tips about balloon twisting for beginners

• Start to twist the balloon from the beginning of the balloon (from the side that has the knot)
• In order to make a twist in the balloon, pinch the balloon with your finger and thumb at the place you want to create the twist.
• Then, roll the rest of the balloon 3 or 4 times.
• When you want to create the second twist you will need to place the first twist (to hold it) between your pinky finger and your ring finger.
• Pinch the balloon again with your index finger and thumb (that are now free again)
• Continue creating more twists in the balloon. After each twist, keep on holding the two ends of the balloon so it won’t come undone.
• In order to stop holding the balloon you have to create a “lock” in the balloon
• A lock is made by twisting 2 (or more) twists together

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