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Link-o-Loon balloons Vol.5 – Animals and Faces


By Guido Verhoef

Volume 5: Animals and Faces

Learn to create amazing balloon decorations and more advanced decor projects based on Link-o-Loon balloons (linking balloons) with balloon artist Guido Verhoef!

This video will show you how to create professional decor that will set you apart in the market, increase your profit margins and fine tune your own creative skills!


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List of classes in this course:

  • Basic Techniques

  • Colored dog

  • Puppy Dog

  • Lady Dog

  • Teddy Bear

  • Panda Bear

  • Teddy Bear present

  • Bulls Head

  • Devils Mask

  • Face techniques 1 – Man

  • Face techniques 2 – Old Man

  • Butterfly

  • Caterpillar

  • Seagull

  • Stork

  • Love Swans

More info

  • Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Language: English

  • Estimated Video Length: 175 minutes

  • File size: 1.3GB

  • Click here to read more about Guido Verhoef

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