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How to tie a balloon


Learn how to tie a round balloon without hurting your fingers with balloon artist Barak Dagan.

Press the play button to watch the video. Scroll down to read a detailed explanation.

This method of tying a balloon is a very comfortable method, that every parent and every child should know!

I get many positive comments about this video from parents who had to tie many balloon for their child’s birthday, and this video taught them a great way of tying a balloon.

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Before you tie the balloon

In order to tie a balloon you need to have an inflated balloon first…

I recommend you to inflate balloons using a balloon pump and not with your mouth.

Honestly, I think that inflating a balloon with your mouth is an unnecessary effort (especially if you’re going to inflate a few balloons or even more…).

Another thing about mouth inflating is that the balloon can pop while you inflate it, and might slap you, which can be very painful.

Tying a balloon: Step 1

After you have an inflated balloon, grab the neck of the balloon with your index and middle finger against your thumb, at the area that is closer to inflated part of the balloon.

You should use only the 3 fingers I have mentioned above (There’s no need to use here your ring finger nor your pinky).

How to tie a balloon

Your hand and the balloon should create an upside down “V” shape.

How to tie a balloon

Tying a balloon: Step 2

Take your other hand and pass it inside the upside down “V”.

Now, grab the end of the nozzle of the balloon and stretch it to the opposite side, far from the balloon.

How to tie a balloon

Tying a balloon: Step 3

Then, pull your hand back, in between the upside down “V”

How to tie a balloon
How to tie a balloon

And from there, tuck it in between your index and your middle finger.

How to tie a balloon
How to tie a balloon

Tying a balloon: Step 4

The only thing you have left now in order to tie your balloon is to pass the stretched nozzle, which in now stretched over your 2 finger, over the balloon’s nozzle (and over your fingernails).

How to tie a balloon
How to tie a balloon

And that’s it! You can now leave the neck of the balloon, and it will stay tied 🙂

How to tie a balloon

Want to learn more about balloons?

We have many GREAT balloon decoration courses that you have to check!

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