Blazing Balloon Costumes – Balloon Costumes Courses Bundle (Vol.1+Vol.2)


By Guido Verhoef

In this unique course bundle you will learn to create SIX eye-catching balloon costumes (also known as “balloon mascots”).

The videos (6 hours and 15 minutes in total) will walk you through the whole process with three methods of creating the balloon costume, and are also filled with various tips and tricks that will improve your balloon skills and creativity.

This course bundle also includes PDF files that will help you with the creation process. The PDF files include about 50 pages(!) in total with step by step instructions and a list of balloon you need for each balloon costume.

Balloon mascots became very popular worldwide as clients understood the strong impact they have in events, promotions, parades and parties.

This course is the most extensive balloon costumes course worldwide!

Guido uses his great performing  experience to create more than a balloon costume, so, I would definitely say that this course is a must-have for every balloon professional!

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This bundle includes the following video courses
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List of classes in this course:

  • Astronaut Balloon Costume

  • Minion Balloon Costume

  • Unicorn Balloon Costume

  • Panda Balloon Costume

  • Dog Balloon Costume (the dog is a variation of the panda)

  • Ladybug Balloon Costume

Become a balloon costumes designer with this amazing course bundle!
Learn from the world’s No.1 large balloon costumes designer, Guido Verhoef, how to make amazing balloon costume designs!

In this balloon art course bundle you will learn to create 6 amazing balloon costumes (balloon mascots).

balloon mascot course

This bundle includes 6 hours and 15 minutes of detailed explanations + step by step PDF tutorials for every design, by the world’s No.1 large balloon costumes designer, Guido Verhoef.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create these balloon costumes:

Balloon Costumes

This bundle has 2 parts:

balloon costumes tutorial
balloon costumes course by Guido Verhoef

This bundle will give you the most comprehensive balloon costumes course, using these 2 parts:

  • Blazing Balloon Costumes Vol. 1 (Click here for more info about Vol.1)

  • Blazing Balloon Costumes Vol. 2 (Click here for more info about Vol.2)

Learn from the world’s No.1 Link-o-Loon teacher!

Guido VerhoefGuido Verhoef Balloon Creations

Guido Verhoef is a world renowned teacher for Link-O-Loon balloon designs! He taught thousands of students around the world how to create amazing balloon decorations using Link-O-Loon balloons. Guido is also the director of art of 3 Guinness World Records for 3 huge balloon projects that were build using hundred of thousands of balloons.

Want to know more about Guido? Click here and read more about Guido

More info

  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

  • Language: English

  • Estimated Video Length: 6 hours and 15 minutes

  • File size: 3.5GB

  • Click here to read more about Guido Verhoef

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