Lights, Drops and Special Effects with Balloons


By Guido Verhoef

This course is one of a kind!

In this course, Guido Verhoef will teach you some amazing effects that you can achieve with your balloon decor, like how to combine lights with balloons, how to burst a whole balloon wall using fire effects, how to explode balloons, how to drop balloons using a balloon net and much more!

Adding special effects to your balloon decor is always a big added value, because, normally, when you create a balloon decoration it is normally static (therefore, people treat it as a background). Adding special effects to your balloon decor is an opportunity to push this decor all the way to the front and create something like a momentum.

If you ever wanted to learn how to make a balloon wall explosion Launching Effect

This course includes 5 video classes and 6 PDF files. The videos are in a total time of 4 hours.



List of classes in this course:

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  • Balloon Light Vase (How to create a balloon vase and incorporate DMX lights)

  • Balloon Light Column

  • Exploding 3footer

  • Exploding Balloon Wall

  • Balloon Drops (using a net)

popping a balloon effect tutorial 1
popping a balloon effect tutorial
Exploding Balloon wall tutorial 1
Exploding Balloon wall tutorial
Balloon stand with lights tutorial
Balloon column with lights tutorial
Balloon drop tutorial using a net
Balloon drop tutorial

More info

  • Skill level: Intermediate to advanced

  • Language: English

  • Estimated Video Length: 4 hours

  • File size: 2.2GB

  • Click here to read more about Guido Verhoef

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4 hours

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