Jumbos – Large Balloon Decor Characters


By Dave Brenn

In this fantastic course Dave Brenn will teach you 12 large sized balloon characters!

These unique and beautiful designs can be used in every event as a fast and beautiful balloon decor or as an upsell for a bigger decor, and are sure to create a big WOW!

In order to create his Jumbos designs, Dave uses the following balloons: 646s, 350s, 3ft rounds, 16 inch rounds, 5 inch rounds and some more random balloon sizes

Note: 3 of the designs (Santa Claus, witch & pirate) are based on Dave’s Balloon Masks course. (In order to create the heads of these characters, you will need to buy the Masks course as well)



List of classes in this course

  • Welcome

  • Base Plate

  • Column

  • Body Structure

  • Completing the Penguin

  • Duck

  • Monkey

  • Clown

  • Frog

  • Teddy Bear

  • Lion

  • Bunny

  • Owl

  • Santa Claus (Based on the Santa Claus mask from the Masks course)

  • Witch (Based on the witch mask from the Masks course)

  • Pirate (Based on the pirate mask from the Masks course)

More info

  • Skill level: Pro level

  • Language: English

  • Estimated Video Length: 85 minutes

  • File size: 600MB

  • Click here to read more about Dave Brenn

And, when you buy this course you will also get the following bonus:

A list of all the balloons you need for every design taught in this course!

This is a PDF file containing a list of the balloons you will need for every design you’ll learn on this course. This list will help you prepare everything you need just before you start creating these amazing designs.

Jumbos Balloon Decor Characters Course by Dave Brenn (David Brenion)

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