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By Dave Brenn

We love Dave Brenn’s video courses! But it’s not just us… Thousands of balloon artists around the world think the same! That’s because Dave brings creative, beautiful and fast designs to the balloon world! And this time, Dave brings a new astonishing concept: Backpacks made of balloons! This amazing concept has added a whole new way of surprising your costumers!

Why do you want backpacks in your repertoire?
* Backpacks are visible! it’s really important that your clients can see the balloons that you’re making! Any wearable balloon is super visible and backpacks are even more visible!

* If a balloon is wearable, it also has to be very comfortable. In this course Dave will teach you a structure that makes your backpacks balloons really comfortable, so people will wear them for the whole party!

* Your balloons should really create a story! It’s great that the balloons you’re making are beautiful, but if they won’t tell a story, people just not going to remember you!
The great thing about balloon backpacks is that they’re a costume, which turns the client into a character and creates a great memory and a story!
People who will wear the balloon backpack are going to interact with each other as the characters that they put on when they wear your costumes, and therefore, they’re going to remember you forever!



List of classes in this course

  • Welcome

  • Butterfly Wings, Bat Wings and Angel Wings

  • Jet Pack

  • Scuba Tank

  • Proton Pack (Laser Blaster Backpack)

  • Lady Bug

  • Turtle

  • Bee

  • Advanced Jet Pack

  • Dragon Wings

  • Space Ranger

  • Thank You

More info

  • Skill level: Intermediate

  • Language: English

  • Estimated Video Length: 100 minutes

  • File size: 1.2GB

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Balloon Backpacks Video Course by Dave Brenn

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